Our Company

Since 1995, Natura-Genics® located in Chino, California, manufactures and distributes Natura-Genics® brand supple-
ments to the Hispanic-American community. Our products
are available nationwide through health care professionals, Hispanic health food stores, or pharmacies and have been developed with bi-lingual labels (English and Spanish)
to facilitate communication with both segments of our market.

We also offer bulk probiotics and probiotics supplements,
product formulation assistance, custom blending,
encapsulation, tableting, packing, liquid and powder fill.

Our team of specialists is constantly researching for the best methods, proper dosage, and latest nutraceutical discoveries
to ensure every product’s safety and effectiveness.

Our staff understands the importance of business ethics.
We are constantly informed to ensure we meet the demanding standards we promise our customers. The basis of our foun-
dation is through honesty, social responsibility, and great
quality service.


To improve the health of the Hispanic-American consumer,
by providing a broad line of quality supplements at affordable prices and to inform them on the latest health issues, topics,
and news for a healthy living.

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