It is important to read and review our policies before establishing a business relationship with our company.
Our policies are general and cover returns of products,
shipping, reselling rules online, additional fees, information
in our website, copyrights, and trademarks.

  • Return Policy
    Expired products, opened or in bad condition will not be exchanged.
    Please place your order of products based on your client's needs.
    There will be no exceptions.

  • Ordering and Shipping
    Orders placed ship the same day unless stated otherwise. In case
    of damaged and / or lost shipments, you are responsible to filing any
    claims with carriers.

  • Reselling Products Online
    Authorized resellers are not allowed to sell online due to certain
    applicable laws and regulations of various states. Common online
    retail platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and others should not
    be used. This policy is strictly enforced and there will be no exceptions.
    We, in our sole discretion, may suspend or terminate any account at
    any time without notice if this policy is in violation in any part of this agreement.

    Any product purchased from us for reselling purposes must be sold at
    your seller’s permit and business license matching business address.  

  • Fees
    For all charges of our products ordered by you, will bill your bank card
    or alternate payment method and you agree to pay all such charges or deposits.

    When you provide bank card information, account numbers or other information necessary for payment, you represent to us that you are
    the authorized user of the bank card that is used to pay for the products
    or services.

    In the event legal action is necessary to collect on balances due,
    you agree to reimburse Natura-Genics® for all expenses incurred
    to recover sums due, including attorneys' fees and other legal

  • Information on our Site
    We will make reasonable efforts to accurately display the attributes
    of the products we sell. We do not warrant that product descriptions
    or other content is accurate, complete, or error free. Prices and promo-
    tions are subject to change, and may vary depending on raw material
    pricing and availability. Despite our best efforts, sometimes an item in
    our catalog may not be available, the offer may have been misstated,
    or an item may be mis-priced. For any of these reasons, we may
    cancel your order or we may contact you for instructions on the order.

  • Copyright and Trademarks
    All content included in or made available through Natura-Genics®
    website, such as text, graphics, logos, images, data compilations is
    the property of Natura-Genics® and is protected by United States
    copyright and trademark laws. The compilation of all content included
    in or made available through the mentioned website is the exclusive
    property of Natura-Genics® and protected by U.S. copyright and
    trademark laws.
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