Quality Control

Our supplements undergo a multitude of steps to guarantee
an efficient high quality end product. Each individual ingredient
goes through extensive research and data analysis where pro-
duct decisions are based on science journals, books, and both
medical and industry publications. The approved ingredients
are then selected and acquired by our purchasing department
which focuses on obtaining the best prices without compromis-
ing the quality of packaging materials and ingredients. Once all
requirements are fulfilled we issue a batch record which initiates
clearance for the order to be placed.

Our quarantine area is responsible for all incoming packages
such as raw materials, packaging components, and other items.
There, our specialized team evaluates the safety and accuracy
of every item before clearing it to our stock warehouse team,
preventing the spread of contamination and re-routing all incor-
rect shipments coming in to our laboratory. After further testing
and clearance, these items are then ready for the manufacturing
process. Upon completion, all products are carefully inspected
by our quality control department.


We are happy to help our customers with their production runs
small and large. We offer competitive pricing on all of our services:

Powder Filling
Liquid Filling
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