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We provide full services ranging from quality
certified raw materials to the finished product.
•  Product development  •  Product formulation (pre-formulated, custom and exclusive)
•  Ingredients & raw material sourcing  •  Blending and filling of liquids / powders
•  Encapsulation (gelatin & vegetable capsules 0, 00, 00 EL)
•  Tablet compression (round or oval)  •  Packing (bottles, jars, pouches)
•  Third-party label design and printing
•  In-house & third-party lab analysis
•  Small & large runs
We maintain our warehouse stocked with an extensive range
of raw materials from many parts the world. We are equipped 
with advanced technology, highly suitable for small or large production requirements which allow us to fulfill every clients' production needs.
We go far beyond formulation and manufacturing. Two decades
of experience has allowed to provide the highest turn-around
time at most competitive prices. Every step of the way we craft
every product to bring dreams and ideas into final market realities. 
The personalized attention we give our clients ranges from unique formulas to consulting in all phases of our client's business.
We are the ideal partner for growth in the nutraceutical industry.