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  Hypertension: The Silent Killer June 18, 2020
  An estimated 103 million US adults have high blood pressure,
according to new statistics from the American Heart Association
and around a billion worldwide. Read more

  Thymus Extract and the Immune System May 27, 2020
  Besides important antioxidants and minerals critical for strong
immune activity, bovine thymus extract can refresh the thymus
gland leading to better immune defense. Read more

  Soy Consumption and Breast Cancer: An Association? April 7, 2020
  The consumption of soy in several ways has been proven to
have many benefits in terms of reducing cancer risk and risk
of recurrence. Read more

  Can Insomnia Increase the Chances of Developing Alzheimer’s? Feb 25, 2020
  Just one sleepless night can increase levels of a protein linked
to Alzheimer’s disease in the blood of young men. Read more

  Could Cancer be Prevented with Lifestyle Changes? Jan, 16, 2019
  Approximately fifty percent of cancer deaths could have been prevented
by making healthy lifestyle changes and it is possible that the percentage
could be even higher. Read more

  Hypnosis - An Effective Treatment for a Vast Range of Medical Conditions? Dec 3, 2019
  Today hypnosis is used for various medical conditions. Several researchers
define hypnosis as a state of “trance”, a mental state of ... Read more

  Polypharmacy: A Dangerous Medical Protocol? Oct 31, 2019
  Polypharmacy is the use of a large number of prescription drugs,
commonly considered to be the intake of five or more. An estimated 30 to
40 percent of elderly patients take ... Read more

  Are Bones only for Support and Protection? Oct 8, 2019
  The skeleton secretes a hormone that helps to coordinate the flight-or-fight
response suggesting that this part of our body is more ... Read more

  Back Pain: An Epidemic? Sept 23, 2019
  Back pain has become an extraordinary frequent problem, with 1 in 4
adults experiencing it (happening right now as you read this article)
and 90% of people having back pain at least once ... Read more

  Consequences of Inadequate Sleep can be Dangerous Sept 6, 2019
  Clinical research has found that healthy men deprived of even a single
night’s sleep have a 30 percent drop in the activity of their immune
system’s tumor-fighting cells ... Read more

  Hope for People with Type 1 Diabetes Aug 26, 2019
  A number of people with type 1 diabetes have responded quite well
to pig cell implants that are helping to replace lost insulin. Read more

  Dangers of Abnormally Low Levels of Serotonin Aug 7, 2019
  The following are risky conditions produced by low levels of the
neurotransmitter serotonin commonly seen in the United States ... Read more

  Can your Overweight Partner be Responsible for your Diabetes? July 31, 2019
  Living with or having an overweight partner may raise your risk of diabetes
if you are a heterosexual man. Read more

  Are Probiotics Therapeutic? July 5, 2019
  Like the planet earth and perhaps many others, the organism stores huge populations of conscious life forms. Probiotics, classified as live micro-
organisms, provide ... Read more

  Increase Incidence in Kidney Stones Feb 17, 2017
  The formation of stones in the urinary system has been recognized
for many centuries but changes in the pattern and frequency are
increasing. Read more

  Chanca Piedra: A Chemically Rich Plant Jan 19, 2017
  Chanca piedra (Phyllantus niruri) is an herb indigenous to the Amazon
and also found in the Bahamas, southern India, and ... Read more

  Benefits of Raw Cacao Intake in Cognition Among the Elderly Jan 22, 2016
  A study funded by the chocolate company, Mars, found that high amounts
of cacao flavanols could improve older people’s ability to distinguish one
complex ... Read more

  What is Adrenal Fatigue? Jan 13, 2016
  Adrenal fatigue is a condition not recognized or accepted by the medical establishment. In complementary and alternative medicine it is defined as a deficiency in ... Read more

  Cough Medicine: Good for Children? Jan 11, 2016
  A cough is a sudden and explosive movement of air. Its function is to clear obstructive matter from the airways. It is also a reflex that protects the lungs
and airways. Read more

  Can Dementia be Prevented? Oct 19, 2015
  Due to the demographic shift that we are seeing, dementia has become
an important public health concern. Presently, there are ... Read more