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Advanced Probiotic Technology
Four step system:

NGProbiome Guard: Locks out stomach acid
and ensures our premium probiotics arrive to the
intestine intact. Acid resistant and pH sensitive
capsule technology protects probiotic and syn-
biotic products from the damaging environment
of the stomach and dissolves only when the
pH rises to the more favorable conditions of
the intestines.

NGProbiome Prime: Prebiotic blend:
Our prebiotics are specifically designed for
optimum probiotic nutrition. This nutritional
support feeds the probiotics to enhance
prosperity in the gut.

NGProbiome Pro Probiotics: Your custom
or stock formulation of acid resistant probiotic
bacteria or yeast.

NGProbiome Boost+: Proprietary blend of
Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium fermentation
metabolites and probiotic derived amino acids.